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Grow Your Assets, Increase Your Cash Flow

Buying a home for yourself and buying an investment property are two vastly different processes. When purchasing an investment property, you must balance several factors that determine your ROI. Christian assists property buyers so they can find a building they’re not scared to invest in. He has extensive knowledge of the San Diego housing market that proves invaluable when buying. Reach out to us for investment property assistance!

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Finding The Right Commercial Or Residential Investment

Selecting your next investment property is all about balancing your expenses with potential rental income. When you buy a property, you’ll have to calculate how many tenants can stay there and what the rent should be. Factors like the neighborhood’s quality, property age, cost of repairs, and fees can all affect your ROI. And leasing with a reliable tenant that treats your property with respect is also a key factor. If you can find the right combination of factors, your annual income stream can increase significantly.

Finding the right investment property that checks all these boxes can feel like a pipe dream. Let Christian from Christian Ballow - Real Estate Broker help you out. We specialize in finding homes that fit all your needs. Reach out to us today!

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What To Consider When Investing:

  • The Cost Of Mortgage
  • Annual Rental Income
  • Which Neighborhoods To Buy In
  • Finding Reliable Tenants
  • Investment Property Management
  • Housing Market Trends
  • Property Taxes
  • And More!

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