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Buying Homes

When you’re moving into a new neighborhood or buying your first home, you should have an advocate by your side who can help you avoid common mistakes. Christian is a trusted buyer’s agent who provides valuable, client-focused strategies for home buying. His efforts take the stress out of your home buying.

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As Your Buyer’s Agent, We Will:

  • Establish Open Lines Of Communication.
  • Keep You Updated On All Home Buying Procedures.
  • Represent You Fairly As Your Liaison.
  • Support You Even After The Closing Process.
  • Search For Homes That Meet Your Needs.
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Selling Homes

You deserve to get the most bang for your buck when selling.

We provide a full slate of pre-listing services that position your home for success on the market, including staging your home and spearheading a marketing push.

Christian puts your home in front of potential buyers by tapping into his massive network of business affiliates, neighborhoods, and past clients.

His goal is to sell your home at a price point that puts a little extra money in your pocket.

Our Pre-Listing Steps Include:

  • Entering Your Home Into The Multiple Listing Service.
  • Creating A Full-Color Brochure Available To All Agents And Prospective Buyers.
  • Providing Virtual Tour CD Home Brochures.
  • Designing A Unique Marketing Plan, If Needed.
  • Assisting In Planning Repair Work To Home If Necessary.
  • Offering Guidance In Furniture Placement And Staging The Home.
  • And More!
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